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Sports In Space Will Increase Brain Function

Regarding Sports in Space, obviously the games we do in space with less gravity will be different. This is what one member of our think tank had noted – Yes, I agree it changes “the game” totally and maybe that is okay too, because as you learn new sports or new ways to play old sports, you must adapt and learn the new skills you talked about, thus, use your mind more and thus, get smarter

For instance this was discussed in a recent article in the New York Times “Wellness Section” – the article was titled; “New Sports Stretch the Brain – Most of us make little effort to hone or enhance our motor skills in adulthood,” by Gretchen Reynolds, published on March 8, 2016. The article noted that: “Physical Skills can be as cognitively challenging as brain teasers.”

In Science News – it was noted that the same thing occurred in a virtual reality game where you have to learn a new skill to win or lose. Even just thinking about it, makes one consider thoughts which are practically Science Fiction and it opens a whole set of new ideas right?

One of our think tank members also noted; “Athletes train for their sports in order to deal with gravity. Basketball players train their shots to decide how to shoot the ball depending on distance because of gravity and a tennis player knows how hard to hit the ball in order for it to land in just the right spot because of gravity. If you took away a certain amount of gravity or all of it, it would require a whole new set of skills. I think if athletes specifically trained for this sort of game than it would be an incredibly thing to watch but I also don’t think it would replace the other sports on earth either.

I think that sports in space would require an incredible amount of funding to produce and even more by the individual to train for and take part in but I think it would be amazing. To see someone fly through the air 50 feet and dunk a ball would be incredible and I think it would be a whole new evolution to the game. It would require us to train more types of athletes and would require the human race to grow in more spectacular ways than ever imagined before.

Top Hardest Sports in the World

1. Baseball

This is more of a mental sport- as it requires great eye-hand coordination. Moreover, the players need to be standby at any given time. The hitter has to track the movement of the ball, using his or her eyes. At times, it can be really difficult to follow the speed of the ball.

2. Martial Arts

To become a successful martial artist, you need to be an enduring human being. To win this game, a person should have enough strength. Here pain and exhaustion are too high to endure without a regular training and practice. Martial arts require a lot of hand-eye coordination, endurance, and enough strength.

3. Basketball

This sport requires fast reflexes, great eye-hand coordination and accuracy, too. Sometimes, the players get injuries due to their quick turns in the game. At times, they end with a broken wrist or ankle.

4. Football

Football requires the capability of running for 90 minutes and the power of fighting with 11 opponents. A footballer needs to be fast. He or she must have rapid foresight. To become a successful football player, one should have very good foot-eye coordination.

5. Ice Hockey

To become an ice hockey player, you need perfect ice-skating skill. In the playground, you have 9 other players moving around you at high-speed. All of them are aiming at one puck. You, therefore, need a lot of power, stamina and precision in order to play this game.

6. Gymnastics

Flexibility is the main criterion required for this sport. Here you need a perfect control on your body. Courage is another mandatory quality. Any small mistake can bring about massive injuries.

7. Rugby

Of all the sports in the world, rugby is the sport that demands real giants who are not only physically fit but also possess enough strength. All through the game, you need to use your strength to knock your opponents down. Side by side, you have to endure their powerful knocks. Making your own way through your opponents is like moving walls. You can’t do this very well unless you have enough strength, enormous power and high endurance capacity.

8. Boxing

This sport requires more endurance and power than any other game in the world. You need to show enough strength, great eye-hand coordination, and high-speed to win a game. You have to be ready for any incoming kick. You have to endure the pain of any unblocked kick. You need to be fast enough to save unpredictable kicks coming from your opponent. Besides, you need to hit your opponent hard. Anytime you are stepping into the ring, you are almost sure that you will receive a few injuries at the end of the game. Sometimes, you may receive severe injuries like a broken arm or a bleeding nose.

Sports Law

The assistance of a professional lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of the aforementioned areas of law is essential both for professionals in the sports industry (i.e. athletes, coaches, physiotherapists, etc.) and other stakeholders, such as the governing boards of sport clubs, investors, etc.


Sports are not limited only to the regulations of the playing field as they are intertwined with society and economy, especially with entertainment and advertising industries. As a result, sports can be a profitable area of investment, through sponsorship and advertisement. On the one point of view, sports launched opportunities for investment in areas such as broadcasting rights, which is related to the area of Intellectual Property Law. On the other point of view, sports established a new area of marketing that develops opportunities for investment in areas such as sport clubs’ shares as the majority of sport clubs have become companies.

Athletes, Sports Professionals and Clubs:

The continuous mobility of athletes and other sports professionals between teams together with the complexity of the contracts includes a variety of legal concerns. As a result, a legal representation of athletes, sport professionals and clubs is vital. Lawyers are able to assist you on matters related to contract law, breach of contracts, transfers, etc.

Before signing a contract, athletes and other sport professionals, should be sure that they are aware of the various clauses and provisions. Note that a contract between a sport professional and a club might be subject to breach. For example, in case a sport club in Cyprus does not honour its engagement regarding its obligations toward the athlete/sport professional, then the athlete/sport professional may submit a claim for remedies and/or damages to Cyprus Courts or FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber. Consequently, the assistance of a professional lawyer is necessary.

Competent Authority in Cyprus:

The competent authority in Cyprus is the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO), a semi-governmental organisation. According to the Law, CSO can act as the Supreme Sporting Authority in Cyprus.